Julia Farr offers premier, personalized consultation services based on her wardrobe architecture model.  Julia builds a client’s wardrobe like an architect designs and constructs a building.  Each piece is essential, supporting and complementing the others, with personal expression and flexibility woven throughout.  Julia will create a functional and fabulous wardrobe reflecting each woman’s essence and responding to her lifestyle needs.

There are three tiers of service available, depending upon the specific wardrobe needs as determined by Julia and the client.  Services available include Julia’s holistic review and edit of the client’s existing wardrobe; a wardrobe enhancement, in which essential pieces are added to fill in the gaps in the client’s wardrobe; an online closet, and donation of retired wardrobe pieces to Washington, DC-based women’s non-profit organizations.

The Platinum Level offers a seasonal wardrobe review, assessment and renewal, with ongoing consultation for event and travel wardrobe planning.  A client’s wardrobe will be maintained with Julia Farr online to facilitate the highest level of personalized client service and attention.  A 15% discount on clothing purchases from Julia Farr will be offered to clients at this premier level.

The Gold Level offers in-closet and in-showroom annual wardrobe review, assessment and renewal with a 10% discount on clothing purchases from Julia Farr.

The Silver Level offers a customized consultation meeting both in-closet and in-showroom with a 5% discount on clothing purchases from Julia Farr.

  Silver Gold Platinum
In-closet Consultation 3 3 3
In-showroom Consultation 3 3 3
Annual Review   3 3
Seasonal Wardrobe Review     3
Event & Travel Consultation     3
Boutique Discount -5% -10% -15%

Please contact us for additional information on the three levels of consultation services and to schedule your personal consultation.

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